Saliva Drug Test Accuracy:Is Saliva Test 100% Accurate ?

A Saliva test (mouth swab drug test) is the most popular and the most practiced drug test method. This leaves a room for the question that on saliva drug test accuracy is ‘is saliva test accurate’. The answer to that question is yes. Saliva test or mouth swab is really accurate. It can detect more than seven types of drugs at one time with one single saliva sample. It is done under supervision and thus there’s no chance for use of any fake means.

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Saliva test is much more accurate like any other drug test, but there’s a huge possibility that the results are not exactly real. Saliva test is the most easily bluff-able drug test. From a chronic drug abuser to a newbie anyone can do that with a little search on the Internet on mouth swab drug test facts. For more info, read the following ways through which a saliva test can be faked :

saliva drug test accuracy

1> There are medicines in the market which when taken can result into false saliva drug test results. Ibuprofen, Advil, and Motrin are a few of such medicines.

2>One can camouflage the metabolites which help in detecting traces of drugs with evasive smoking.

3> It can detect the drugs taken within a very short duration. That simply means that a person who did drugs yesterday would be clean in a test tomorrow.

4> By not doing drugs for a few days one can pass such a test very easily.

5> Eating certain food rich in fats can alter saliva production and result into a clean test result.

6>The detox drinks mask presence of drugs in saliva.

7> There are many gums and chemical mouthwashes available in the market for this very purpose. By using them even a chronic drug abuser can pass such tests.

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So the final answer to the question ‘is saliva test accurate?’┬áis yes. But it is like that only if it is a surprise test and the subjects (who have to give tests) are kept under strict supervision. Saliva neutralizing gum is one of the easiest ways to beat the saliva test.